Firm provides clients - individuals immediate legal assistance consisting of:

a) preparing legal opinions

b) providing legal advice,

c) preparing and issuing opinions on draft contracts and other legal documents

d) representation in proceedings before courts and other bodies with public representation in the drafting of pleadings,

in the following areas:

Company law: the establishment of commercial companies and registration of companies and preparation of documents for making entries in the National Court Register, legal services in corporate matters, including organization of meetings of shareholders, shareholders' meetings of supervisory boards and the Board, mergers, transformation and liquidations of companies; drafting internal acts, regulations, resolutions, contracts and statutes, etc.;

Trade agreements and civil law: the preparation and verification of standard contracts applied in civil law, banking, transport, legal advice when negotiating and concluding contracts; Review of draft agreements submitted by the contractors, legal assistance during the execution of contracts, analysis and investigation of claims, etc.;

Labour law: preparation of model contracts of employment and other contracts relating to employment of workers (non-competition agreement in the course of employment, non-competition agreement after termination of employment, agreement on material responsibility for the entrusted property); preparation and modification of work rules and salaries and other acts provided by law work, dispute resolution, labor law including representation before the courts work, etc.;

Real estate law: legal audit of the property; support projects involving real estate purchase and sale of developed and undeveloped properties, rent, lease, comprehensive legal assistance in the implementation of investment projects, for all types of real estate-from legal analysis to conclude contracts with suppliers and negotiations with prospective customers - end users. regulation of the legal status of property (such as the abolition of ownership, to agree the contents of the register of the real situation) and prepare draft agreements and their verification, monitoring of the transaction, etc.;

Recovery: legal assistance in the conduct of enforced collection of claims; Pauline’s action, from debtors to claim property, and negotiations with debtors, legal audit companies and contractors. The investigation and collection of receivables is always preceded by a detailed study of each order and make a plane of action, which aims to prevent debtors operations from leading to the concealment of the property, or delay in carrying out their obligations to creditors.

Civil, administrative: legal assistance before the public authorities and administrative courts, preparation of an action, appeals and other procedural documents, assistance in tendering procedures by the public - represent the interests of performers - the protests, appeals, etc.;

Proceedings in cases of offenses: representation before public authorities, preparation of pleadings, etc.





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