Firm provides legal advice in the price of 20zl for people in difficult financial or family situation.

Principles of providing legal advice in the price of 20 zł.

1. The advice is provided in the main office.
2. It is verbal advice only
3. One-time visit cannot exceed 1 hour.

We provide consultations in the subjects of:

Civil law, including family law, eg.violation of personal rights, compensation claims, divorce, alimony, childcare, division of property, the abolition of joint ownership, etc.,

Succession Law, eg. acquisition of inheritance, inheritance, revocation of wills, etc.

Property law and intellectual property, eg. matters related to rent increase, property ownership, eviction and lease, abolition of ownership, infringement of possession, etc.

Labor law, eg. Unjustified termination of employment, contracts of property entrusted to bullying, failure to pay wages or other benefits under the labor laws, non-competition agreement, etc.

Legal advice is provided on Thursdays 10am -14pm.


People paying 20 zł. will be asked to present a written statement explaining their situation.


All appointments must be scheduled by phone or email.







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