Remuneration is determined in each case in the form of an agreement with the clients and is tailored as much as possible to their needs, and also depends on:

1) the nature and specificity of the agreement

2) execution time

3) the value of the subject matter

4) workload

in such a way that the salary structure is adequate to the actual involvement of the lawyer and gives customers the possibility to plan their budgets and monitor expenditures.


Remuneration follows in the form convenient for the customer, that is:


lump-maximum - rate determined individually with the client for legal services in a given month or for the handling of the case or execution of the project


hourly rate - in cases where it is not possible to assess the initial workload, the law firm proposes settlement at hourly rates, that is according to the amount of time devoted to execution. Whenever the calculation of hourly rates shall be presented to the client, it follows with a statement that includes lawyer's working hours with a short description of the actions taken.


flat-rate hour limit (ie subscription) -  the subscription offer provides services up to a specified number of hours, beyond which hourly rates are determined.


Regular customers also receive discounts and can negotiate remuneration.

Firm helps indigent persons to obtain an exemption from court fees, and those who find themselves in a difficult financial situation and living and provides legal advice for 10 zł.


 The rules for such advice can be found in the tab legal assistance.







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